Asset Management

JACKSON CORPORATE REAL ESTATE provides property management and operations exclusively on behalf of the firm's investment partners and clients.

JACKSON CORPORATE REAL ESTATE handles all areas of property management and investment concern. Once an asset is acquired and the management process begins, the firm's strict adherence to internal processes, quality controls and diligent supervisory oversight helps provide assurances that operating capacity is maximized and no detail is overlooked.

In addition to operations excellence, JACKSON CORPORATE REAL ESTATE understands that successful property management includes successful tenant retention; for us, this means providing an immediate response to tenant needs, solving problems large or small and addressing lease renewal or expansion opportunities very early in the asset management process.

The firm's extensive team of property managers, accountants, engineers and maintenance personnel helps assure each tenant receives the highest quality of service, while striving to improve operations, enhance tenant satisfaction and increase asset value each day.

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